Pierrot Interdental – CONICAL XL 1.4mm Blue (x5) – Pack of 12

Passage Hole: 1.4

Core: 0.6

Brush: 3.5 – 6.0

Diameters: (mm)

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These 5 Pierrot interdental brushes will last longer than packs sold by other brands.

The stainless steel core is more hygienic, they don’t rust and they don’t break after a few days.
Pierrot interdental brushes last much much longer, which means less waste.
The conical ones are like having a few sizes in one.
The durable core has more spring so you don’t have to keep readjusting the brush, yet it will hold any shape, and you can bend it back straight.
The handle is softer, slimmer, more flexible and knurled, making them easier to grip and more comfortable to use.
Good for people who wear tooth braces or don’t like flossing. Also because stainless is stronger the wire doesn’t have to be thick, you’ll appreciate this with the larger sizes
I bought a packet in Spain in the spring of 2017, I still have four left! (July 2018)
They really are good! You’ll be back for more……. but that could take a while.
Made in Spain. Packed in a tamper proof blister pack.